Imam Khomeini's Message with Pakistani Students

The Text of Imam Khomeini's discourse at a meeting with Pakistani students on August 31st 1980.

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

Although I did not expect you gentlemen to be here today since the doctors as a precaution, have advised me not to make long 'speeches' yet I desired to receive you Pakistani students and other gentlemen as well as Iranian teachers. So this is a gathering of teachers and students, that is, two groups who by virtue of their own reform, can reform a whole country, or conversely, God forbid, they may annihilate countries.

The position of both teachers and students who constitute the brains of a nation must receive careful attention, and their duties must be defined so that, God willing, they may follow the way of Islam and humanity, and pass through necessary stages to become good human beings.

All the trouble the prophets have taken and all the labours of saints since the beginning of creation and that are to continue in future as well, have been the first step to help this being, who is called man, become human. The purpose of all the divine books which have been sent to prophets was to impart to this creature, which, if left to himself, would turn into the most dangerous being.

All the Islamic and monotheistic movements have been for this purpose. In Islam, all matters are preliminary to nurturing man, for if he is left to himself, he would annihilate the world. The prophets were sent to check these great evils, these ruinous wars and unjust deeds in various lands, and to guide mankind to the right path to attain perfection. If he is educated properly, all his needs in both worlds will be met, but if he moves contrary to his natural course, the result is destruction. The prophets show the right way, but it is man's duty to follow it. Therefore this duty is not confined to teachers and students.

The world is a university, and the prophets and saints and their trained followers are its teachers, and all human beings are its students. The whole world must consist of two groups: teachers and students. The duty of teachers is to guide society towards God, and the duty of students is to learn these instruct ions in order to have a proper society.

Everyone should turn to God Almighty and follow His way. Everything, including economy, education, army, gendarmerie, as well as teachers and students should become Godly.

There exist only two ways: the way of God and the way of devil. The way of God must be shown to man and he be guided to it in all its dimensions, whether intellectual, or medium which is fanciful, or action. If all followed the way of God, they will become Godly, and similarly all aspects of man, including his deeds, his ideas, and his behaviour, his ideas and reasoning,

There is this way, or the ways of right and left which are contrary to the straight path. they are ways of diversion leading to the devil. The world of darkness pays no heed to God; it is His light, and His absolute light that must attract the whole world.

Thus there are only two ways; the way of faith and Islam and attention to divine school in which believers are guided by God to become wholly godly, and the other is the way of infidelity which is contrary to monotheism.

The devil is both on the right and left, and this way ends into hell. In this world, too, all evils and wars waged by superpowers are devilish acts.

Wars are of two kinds, wars of the devil, and wars of monotheism. The wars undertaken by the prophets, saints and believers were to rectify the stubbornness of the obstinate, and these were divine wars. But the wars, waged for the sake of position, and power, are devilish and Satanic in nature to coerce societies and to satiate the criminality of superpowers.

There are only these two states in the world, and every human move, whether physical, mental or spiritual, falls within these two limits. They are either straight and Godly, or crooked and inclined to the right and left and, therefore, devilish. The straight path begins here and ends beyond this world into the source of light.

God has favoured us by sending prophets to guide us to His way, leading to happiness and living in tranquillity and with proper education in this world, and to turn us from every direction to divine monotheism in all our movements whether physical, mental or sentimental. The opposite way is satanic, and there are no other ways but these two.

You teachers should follow this way which has been chosen by the prophets, the way of God, the way for all human beings. Those who adhere to other ways are devilish, and those who take you on a way contrary to the natural course are deviating you.

I hope wherever teachers are they will consider all brothers and sisters as their students and guide them along the way chosen by the prophets, and their students will follow the way of prophets.

Greetings to you and God's blessings and mercy upon you.