Imam Khomeini's Message to School Students

The text of Imam Khomeini's discourse at a meeting with a large gathering of school students from Tehran and other groups of people at the Jamaran Religious Centre on 24th January 1981.

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

We are on the eve of a holy day and a blessed festival on the birthday of the greatest personality of the world for the reform of mankind and for effecting the greatest transformation, as well as the birth of his great grandchild, Imam Ja’far Sadiq, who propagated the religion of Islam and turned people away from infidelity, atheism, fire -worship and all deprivations towards monotheism, God-worship and resistance at a centre where idols ruled instead of monotheism, and at a time when fire was worshipped instead of God.

This is a blessed day which gave mankind the tidings of persistence and guidance on the right path of humanity, and his followers are those who adhere to the same path, beginning with themselves and transmitting the faith to others.

You young students, who have come here from different parts, are the hope of the nation to follow to the end the way that is placed before you and to continue the movement for which so many sacrifices have been made. You must continue the direct path shown to mankind by the prophets especially the last and greatest prophet of all to attain humanity and abandon all infidelity and come out of darkness into light, in order to be worthy followers of the school of the Prophet and Imam Sadiq.

My dear ones, those apostates who have no wish to see this school accomplish its task, and those who have been slapped by Islam, and those who consider the school of Islam contrary to the interests of themselves and their masters, have, for their first aim, the diversion of our children and youths in the schools where they have gone to study and be educated. They intend to mislead the schools which are the source of all blessings and the youths who should bring about the progress of the country and save it from aliens.

Thus you see that all centres of education from elementary schools to the universities are centres of plotting and you are the target to be diverted, and to turn all these institutions of knowledge and refinement and everything that is in them into places to be exploited in favour of superpowers. The evil­doers begin with kindergartens, and follow that policy as those children grow up. Their wicked hands are everywhere, and they are well aware that if they divert the younger generation from the direct path and God's way, they will attain their sinister designs.

They corrupt the institutions whose purpose should be to reform society in spiritual and material ameliorations as assets for our country. Then they sit by and watch the execution of their plans by the pervert and the spread of corruption through you. You students of schools and universities which are the home of knowledge and refinement should be alert enough to protect these centres against corruption. You should investigate the past and present records of those who come there as your teachers and what their aims are.

Today your country is a centre of conspiracies, for, it has dealt superpowers such a heavy blow and cut their root of corruption so deeply, that they will not rest until they see it dragged back to ruination. They know that if our children are diverted at an early age, this diversion will continue to the end, and through them, the schools, universities and then the whole country will be diverted. The greatest fortress of Islam is constituted by these centres where you study, through whose reform the country may be reformed, and by whose ruin the whole country may be ruined.

Our children and youths should be vigilant so that devils do not mislead them to begin uproars and processions every day.

Wherever you young people are engaged in pursuing education, remember that studying, combined with refinement and a sense of obligation and fine moral qualities, can make us truly human and save our country from dependence. If your aim is to obtain a certificate or diploma in order to secure some material advantage, this is the diversion that the enemies desire.

But if you adopt a proper aim and for attaining it you pay attention to what God Almighty has commanded, that is, refinement and worship of God, and removing all infidelity and diversions, then you will be victorious. All the diversions and difficulties that happen to a country are because their centres of instruction are not centres of refinement. And this point is true of both modern and old types of schools.

Without a sense of commitment and refinement and without finding the right path and by ignoring proper Islamic ideas of education, the result is deviation, and an inclination to the right or left, to Communism or a country dependent on America.

These problems begin with schools and universities. They intend to seize for themselves the results of the long labours of our centres of education. I do not know whether you heard the words of that young man, Hamid, on the radio and television last night. If you have not, ask those who have, to see how our educated youths are trapped by criminal hands, and those who should act as assets for their country and serve it, are compelled to prefer the enemy's interests.

This is only one example of a young fellow, but there are very many such persons, who were affected by the old regime. The former program was based on giving a training, from the elementary school up to the university, which could be acceptable to Moscow or Washington.

Now that you students of schools and universities wish to manage your own country and preserve its independence, and desire to be free, follow the way of humanity and attain the perfection for which man is created, all the devils are making every effort to mislead you. They come to schools and by their evil propaganda force our youths to turn to matters which are contrary to pursuing education. They have no wish to see these youths trained to be useful for their country, and they try, under various pretexts, to drag them to demonstrations and processions, while they sit by and laugh at you and us.

Their attempts for re-opening the universities before the preparation of a proper plan were aimed at keeping the universities in the same old condition, and produce such graduates that earlier were at the helm of affairs. That is why they incite our youths to face abuse and disgrace instead of seeking moral refinement.

Our children and youths, both boys and girls, must try to recognize such people, discover their aims and past records, and realise that they are engaged in Sabotage and corruption behind the fronts, while our armed forces including soldiers, guards, gendarmes, tribal guerrillas and other people are fighting in the warfronts.

Such plotters are serving their masters and are supported by foreign and other misled radio stations which refute the Islamic Republic.

They have no desire for the Islamic Republic to exist.

As Saddam and other perverts attacked our country and started a war, these individuals begin a war in schools and universities in another form. They are all foreign agents. Wherever you are, you must be alert lest you get deceived. As Hamid said last night, may you all be turned into assets by God for this country and may you be guided by Him to serve Islam and the Islamic country.

Greetings to you and God's blessings and mercy upon you.