In the Name of God

The present pamphlet is a collection of the discourses delivered by the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini on educational matters and the basic principles relating to the ideals of a society.

Since the emphasis on and adoption of these fruitful precepts can influence the creation and the future of a wholly Islamic university unattached to the East and the West, we decided to place this collection at the disposal of the general public.

We hope that this critical period of our Revolution in which our young generation is increasingly in need of such significant discussions, the publication of such works will illuminate the way and serve to rouse the hopes of the Islamic ummah.

Upon the order of Imam Khomeini the leader and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the following gentlemen were entrusted with the task of forming planning councils for various branches of education and the future educational strategy of Iranian universities:

• Dr. Muhammad Javad Bahonar

• Mr. Mehdi Rabbani Amlashi

• Dr. Hassan Habibi

• Dr. Abdol-Karim Soroush

• Mr. Jalal-eddin Farsi

• Dr. Ali Shariatmadari