The Aoris and Imperative Tenses

33. How do you form the aorist tense?

34. How do you form the imperative?

33. The aorist tense is formed by adding one of the aorist letters at the beginning of the preterite stem. These are four letters: alif, nūn, tā' and yā'. This letter is given a dummah if the verb has four letters and a fathah if it has anything other than four letters. So نَصَرَ becomes یَنصَرُ and دَحرَجَ becomes یُدَحرِخُ

34. The imperative is taken from the aorist tense. The aorist letter must be replaced by a glottal stop and the first letter of the verb should not be given a vowel. For example; یَنصَرُ becomes اُنصُر