The Diminutive Pattern

173. What is the diminutive pattern?

174. What are the rules of the diminutive pattern?

175. When is the letter after the diminutive yā' given a fathah?

173. The diminutive pattern is a form which indicates smallness, degradation or love. For example: وَلَد (boy) becomes وُلَید (small boy)

174. The rules of the diminutive pattern are:

• The first letter of the word must be given a dummah

• The second letter must be given a fathah and if it is a weak letter it is put in its original form and then given a fathah

• Then the diminutive yā' is added after the second letter without any vowel sign

• The next letter is given a kasrah except in some cases where it is given a fathah

175. The letter after the diminutive yā' is given a fathah if it is followed by a tā' or an alif. For example: زُهرَة (flower) becomes زُهَیرَة (small flower).