Ordinal Numbers

225. What is an ordinal number?

226. How many ordinal numbers are there?

227. How many types of ordinal numbers are there?

228. What is the ruling of ordinal numbers and the numbered object?

229. What is the ruling of ordinary numbers in regards to their vowel signs?

225. Ordinal numbers are nouns that indicate the order of things. For example: الولد الرابع (the fourth boy).

226. There are twelve ordinal numbers: أوَّل (first), ثانٍ (second), ثالِث (third), رابِع (fourth), خامِس (fifth), سادِس (sixth), سابِع (seventh), ثامِن (eighth), تاسِع (ninth), عاشِر (tenth), مِئَة (hundredth), and ألف (thousandth).

227. There are four types of ordinal numbers:

• Single: from first to tenth.

• Compound: from eleventh to nineteenth.

• Decimal: from twentieth to ninetieth and a hundredth and a thousandth.

• Coupled: from twenty-first to ninety-ninth.

228. Ordinal numbers follow the numbered object in gender. For example: الرجل الرابع و الفتاة الرابعة (the fourth man and the fourth girl). The exception to this rule is decimal numbers, they remain the same regardless of the gender of the numbered object. For example: الکاتب العشرون و الکاتبة العشرون (the twentieth male author and the twentieth female author)

229. All of the ordinal numbers are declinable. The exception to this is compound numbers, they are indeclinable with a fathah.