Conditional Nouns

227. How many conditional nouns are there?

228. How many types of conditional nouns are there?

227. There are eleven conditional nouns: من ، ما ، مهما ، إذما ، متی ، أیّان ، أین ، حیثما ، کیفما و أيّ .

228. There are two types of conditional nouns: adverbial nouns of time and place and non-adverbial nouns. The adverbial nouns of time are متی ، أیَّان و إذما . The adverbial nouns of place are أین ، أنّی و حیثما. The non-adverbial nouns are: مَن (for beings with intelligence), ما و مهما (for beings without intelligence), and أيّ و کیفما.