98. What is an epithet?

99. How is an epithet formed?

98. An epithet is a form derived from an intransitive verb to denote thabut, for example: حَسَنٌ. What is meant by thabut is that it is mutlaqan in the characterized without any qayd of time. Whatever is derived from a triliteral verb with the meaning of an active participle noun but not in that form and indicates thabut is an epithet.

99. An epithet is formed from non triliteral verbs upon their active participle form, for example: مُعتدِل. It is formed from triliteral verbs that denote color, defect, or trickery in the form أفعَل, for example: أسوَد. It is formed from triliteral verbs that do not denote such things in various forms that do not have a ruling, for example: کَریم.