The Exaggerated Forms

103. What are the exaggerated forms?

104. How many forms of exaggeration are there?

103. The exaggerated forms are adjectives that have the meaning of an active participle noun and denote great quantity of the adjective in the described word. It is not formed from anything other than triliteral verbs.

104. There are nine famous exaggeration forms, none of them are according to any rules. They are as follows:

فَعَّال, for example: حَمَّال

فَعَّالَة, for example: علَّامة

مِفعَال, for example: مِقدام

فِعِّیل, for example: صِدِّیق

مِفعِیل, for example: مِعطِیر

فُعَلَة, for example: ضُحَکَة

فَعِل, for example: حَذِر

فَعیل, for example: رَحیم

فَعُول, for example: بَتُول