Ordinal Numbers

261. What is an ordinal number?

262. How many ordinal numbers are there?

263. How many types of ordinal numbers are there?

264. What is the ruling of ordinal numbers?

261. An ordinal number indicates the order of things.

262. The ordinal numbers are:أوّل ، ثانٍ ، رابعٌ ، خامسٌ ، سادسٌ ، سابعٌ ، ثامنٌ ، تاسعٌ ، عاشرٌ ، مائةٌ ، ألفٌ.

263. There are four types of ordinal numbers: singular, from first to tenth, compound from eleventh to nineteenth, coupled, from twenty-first to ninety-ninth, and decimal numbers, from twentieth to ninetieth, and a hundredth and a thousandth follow these as well (in cardinal numbers these two numbers followed the singular numbers).

264. Ordinal numbers are in congruence with the numbered word in masculinity and femininity, except decimal numbers; for they stay in one form. Compound ordinal numbers are like compound cardinal numbers in that both their parts are indeclinable on a fathah