The Relative Clause

224. What do conjuncts need?

225. What is a relative clause composed of?

226. Does the pronoun referring back to the common conjunct have to follow it?

224. A conjunct needs a relative clause after it to complete its meaning. The conditions of the relative clause are that it be a statement, for example:حضر الذي کان غائباً, or an incomplete sentence (and adverbial or conjunctional clause), for example:عرفتُ الذي عند القوم. All adverbial and conjunctional clauses are connected to a word meaning present or is which has been erased from the sentence.

225. The relative clause must have a pronoun which refers to the conjunct and follows it in number and gender.

226. Common conjuncts allow the pronoun in the relative clause to either follow it, itself, so they would always be singular and masculine, or to follow its meaning, for example:رأیتُ من النساءِ مَن تَجَمَّلنَ بالحِکمَة.