Verbal Nouns

250. What is a verbal noun?

251. How many types of verbal nouns are there in regards to time?

252. What are the rulings of verbal nouns?

250. A verbal noun is a word which represents a verb in meaning and action, is not effected by any factor, and the objective compliment cannot come before it.

251. There are three types of verbal nouns in regards to time: those that represent the preterit tense, for example:سرعان which is derived from أسرَعَ, those that represent the aorist tense, for example:وا which is means اتلهّف, and those that represent the imperative, for example:هَیَّا which means أسرِع.

252. The rulings of verbal nouns are that they remain in one state with regards to number and gender except if the second person kāf is added to it, in which case they become conjugational, for example:علیکَ و علیکِ.