Adjectives and Conjunctives

56. What is an adjective?
An adjective is a word that is mentioned after the word it is describing. For example:
یُحَبّ التلمیذُ المجتَهِدُ (A striving student is loved.)

57. What are the conditions of an adjective?
The conditions for an adjective are that it follows the word that it is describing in:
• In its being a definite or indefinite noun.

• In its being masculine or feminine.

• In its being singular, dual or plural.

58. What is a conjunction?
A conjunction is a preposition connecting two phrases that follow each other in vowel signs. The prepositions used as conjunctions are:

الواو الفاء ثُمّ أو أم لکن لا بَل

For example: کَسَرتُ القَلَمَ و الدَواةَ (I broke the pen and ink holder.)