A Completer Sentence

1. Can a sentence be made up of only one word?
One word is insufficient to express one's intended meaning. One must use two or more words to convey a complete sentence.

2. What is an example of a complete sentence?
An example of a complete sentence is: العِلمُ نافعٌ (knowledge is beneficial.)

3. What does a sentence consist of?
A sentence is made up of single words which are divided into three categories: verbs, nouns and prepositions.

4. Does every sentence have a verb, noun and preposition?
A sentence is not conditional on always having a verb, noun and preposition. Instead it can be made up of:
• Two nouns: اللهُ عادلٌ (Allah is just.)

• A verb and a noun: اِنطَفا سِراجٌ (A lamp died out.)