The Hāl Accusative

42. What is a hāl accusative?
A hāl accusative is a noun mentioned to describe the state of the actor or the objective compliment when the action took place. For example: جَاءَ القائدُ ظافراً (The leader came in a state of victory.) or شَربتُ الماءَ صافیاً (I drank water while it was pure.)

43. What are the signs of a hāl accusative?
The sign of a hāl accusative is that it is the answer to the question how. For example, how did the leader come? - In a state of victory. Or, how was the water that you drank? - Clear. This first example describes the state of the actor and the second example describes the state of the objective compliment.

44. How many types of hāl accusatives are there?
There are two types of hāl accusatives.
• Single: جَاءَ القائد ظافرا

• Sentence: اُطلُب العِلمَ و أنتَ فَتیً (Seek knowledge while you are young.)