155. What is emphasis?
An emphasis is a word that follows what it emphasizes. For example: جاءَ یوسفُ نفسُهُ (Yusef came himself.)

156. How many types of emphasis are there?
There are two types of emphasis: literated and unliterated.

157. What do we do if we want to use a literated emphasis?
If we want to use a literated emphasis we must repeat the word that we want to emphasize. For example:
• with nouns: جاء الصیف الصیف (Summer came, summer.)

• with verbs: جاءَ جاءَ الصیف (Summer came, it came.)

• with prepositions: نَعم نَعم (Yes, yes.)

• with sentences: طَلَعَ النهارُ طَلَعَ النهارُ (Noon arrived. Noon arrived.)

158. What do we do if we want to use an unliterated emphasis?
If we want to use unliterated emphasis we must use one of the following eight words: نَفس ، عَین ، کِلا ، کِلتا ،کُل ، أحمع ، جمیع ، عامَّة It is obligatory to add a pronoun to these words which follows the emphasized word. For example: جاءَ الأمیرُ عینُه (The commander came, himself.)

159. What do کلا and کلتا emphasize?
کلا and کلتا emphasize words in the dual form. For example: أکرِم والدیک کلَیها (Respect your parents, both of them.)