Jar Prepositions

131. How many jār prepositions are there?
There are fourteen jār prepositions: مِن ، إلی ، عَن ، في ، رُبّ ، الباء ، الکاف ، اللّام ، واو القَسَم ، تاء القَسَم ، حتَّی ، مُذ ، مُنذُ ، علی

132. Do all of these prepositions precede nouns in the same way?
No, there are two categories of jār prepositions:
• those that precede apparent and implied nouns: مِن ، إلی ، عَن ، علی ، في ، اللام ، الباء

• those that only precede apparent nouns: رُبّ ، مُذ ، مُنذُ ، حتی ، الکاف ، واو القسم ، تاء القسم

133. What does رُبّ precede?
رُبّ precedes indefinite nouns that have an adjective. For example: رُبَّ رَجُلٍ کریمٍ لقیتُهُ

134. What does tā' precede?
The tā' precedes the word Allah, for example: تاللهِ

135. Do jār prepositions have to refer to something?
Yes, jār prepositions have to refer to something. They can either refer to apparent verbs or words that are similar to verbs, for example: وَضَعتُ الکتابَ علیَ الطاوَلةِ (I put the book on the table.) Or, they can refer to implied verbs, for example: الکتابُ علیَ الطاوَلةِ (The book is on the table.)