The MĀ‘ Accusative

102. What is the mā' accusative?
The mā' accusative is a noun in the accusative state mentioned after a wāw that has the meaning of with. For example: ماتَ المریضُ و طلوعَ الشمس (The patient died with the rising of the sun.)

103. What are the conditions of the mā' accusative?
The conditions for the mā' accusative is that it is preceded by:
• A verbal sentence: سِر و الشَّارعَ (Travel by the street.)

• Or, the interrogative : ما شأنک و أخاهُ (What is your status with his brother?)

• Or, the interrogative kayf: کیف أنتَ و العِلمَ (How are you with respects to knowledge?)