Lesson 13: The Roots of Religion (III)

IV. Imamat (Vicegerency of the Prophet)

During his life time, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) had announced on several occasions that the responsibility of the guidance of the Muslim community would devolve after him on certain named persons as ordained by Allah. These persons are known as Imams (Vicegerents of the Prophet). The Imam deputizes the Prophet in every respect. Like the Prophets, therefore, the Imam should also be infallible in his thoughts, words and deeds.
You have already been taught the names of those Imams in Lesson 3.

There are clear references in the Holy Qur’an about belief in the Imams. As for example:

“O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those amongst you invested with divine authority; and if in aught ye differ, bring it before Allah and the Messenger if ye believe in Allah and the latter day. This is the best and the fairest way of settlement”. (4:59)

“Verily it is We who bring the dead to life and keep record of what they have sent forward and left behind; everything (all authority) have We vested in the clarifying Imam”. (36:12)

“(And remember) the day (the Day of Judgment) We shall call together all human beings with their respective Imams”. (17:71)

Referring to Imams, the Prophet (S) has further emphasized:
“One who dies but does not recognize the Imam of his time dies the death of a pagan.
On the Day of Resurrection every nation will be called along with the Imam of its time, the Book of Allah and Sunnat (tradition of its Prophet).

V. Qiyamah (Resurrection)

There is a life hereafter. After death an individual gets the reward or punishment of the deeds performed before death. For this purpose on a certain day called the Day of Judgment, all the dead will be resurrected from their graves and awarded heaven or hell depending on the merits of their actions in this world.
The Quran says:

“Beware when the event (qiyamah) will occur, no soul would then falsify its occurrence.. (It will be) lowering (the faithless), exalting (the faithful). When the earth is shaken to its depths, and the mountains are completely crumbled, becoming scattered dust..”. (56:1-6)

The day of Qiyamah will be of 50,000 years duration as has been written in the Holy Quran. The sun on that day will come down very low and the earth will be red-hot like heated copper.