Lesson 17: Useful Explanations Part I & II

Part I

1. Wajib: The religious duties, the performance of which is rewarded and neglect of which is punishable are called wajib.

2. Mustahab: Such of the rites, the performance of which is rewardable but their omission is not punishable are termed as mustahab or sunnat.

3. Haraam: Deeds, the doing of which is sinful and punishable and abstinence from them rewardable, are termed as haraam.

4. Makruh: Those deeds, abstinence from which is rewarded, but committing them is not sinful, are termed as Makruh.

5. Mubah: Those deeds which are allowed by the Shari’ah, but there is neither reward nor punishment for doing or neglecting them, are called Mubah. Mubah is also termed as "ja’iz”.

Part II

1. Muslim: One who believes in Allah, His Prophet and the Day of resurrection (Qiyamah), recites the Kalima and accepts the commands of Allah and His Prophet as true, is called Muslim.

2. Mu’min : That Muslim who believes that Allah is ‘Adil (Just), and the twelve Imams (mentioned in lesson 3) are the only rightful successors of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), and that all of them were appointed by Allah, is called mu’min (i.e. believer: faithful).

3. Kafir: He who does not believe in God or His Prophet or in Qiyamah is a kafir (unbeliever).

4. Mushrik: One who believes that Allah has one or more associates or partners is called a mushrik.

5. Munafiq: One who proclaims his belief in Allah and his Prophet and also recites the Kalima but does not have faith in them at heart, and is inimical towards them inwardly, is called a Munafiq.