Lesson 25: Prayers

There are 12 kinds of obligatory (wajib) prayers:

(a) Three prayers:
1. Daily prayers of five times (Subh: 2 rakaats; Zuhr: 4 rak’ats; Asr: 4 rak’ats; Maghrib:3 rak’ats; Isha: 4 rak’ats). .
2. Friday Prayer (wajib takhyiri in the ghaybah of Imam)
3. Prayer of ihtiyat. All of these are related to the daily prayer.

(b) Three prayers connected with a dead person:
4. Salat al-mayyit;
5, Qadha Prayers of the parents (obligatory for the eldest son} ;
6. If the son does not pray the qadha of the parents himself, he may ask some other person to pray on behalf of the dead person. It is called prayer of ijarah.

(c) Three prayers made obligatory by one's own accord:
7. Prayer of nadhr;
8. Prayer of qasam (oath); and
9. Prayer of ‘ahd (promise to God).

(d) Three other prayers:
10. Prayer of Eidayn (Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha).
N.B. It is not obligatory during the ghaybah of the Imam.
11. Prayer after wajib Tawaf of Ka’ba; and
12. Prayer of Ayaat (for earthquake, eclipse etc.)