Lesson 30: Adhan and Iqamah

The saying of Adhan and Iqamah before starting daily prayers is greatly rewardable. These are given below.


Allahu Akbar (4 times) (Allah is the Greatest).
Ash-hadu an la ilaaha illal Laah (twice) (I bear witness that there is no God but Allah).
Ash-hadu anna Muham-madan Rasoolul-Laah (twice) (I bear witness that Muhammad is
the Apostle of Allah) .
*Ash-hadu anna Ameeral Mu’mineen Ali-yan hujjatul-Lah (twice) (I bear witness that the
Commander of the Faithful, Ali is the hujjat of Allah).
* These words should be said not as a part of adhan but for barakat only.
Hayya ‘alas-Salaah (twice) (Hasten to prayer).
Hayya ‘alal falaah (twice) (Hasten to success).
Hayya ‘ala khayril ‘amal (twice) (Hasten to the best deed).
Al-lahu Akbar (twice) (Allah is the Greatest}.
Laa ilaaha illal-Lah (twice)
(There is no god but Allah).


There is a little difference between Adhaan and Iqamah. While saying Iqamah, the words
"Allahu Akbar" at the beginning are to be repeated twice. The words "Qad Qamatis salah'
(Indeed the prayer has begun) are to be added after the words "hayya ‘ala khayril ‘amal"
and repeated twice and "laa ilaaha illal Laah" at the end is to be said only once.