Lesson 34: Sajdah (II)

Mustahabbat (recommended acts) in sajdah

The following are mustahab (recommended) in sajdah:-

1. Keeping the nose also on earth.
2. During sajdah, the hands must be in level with the ears and should point towards qibla. Fingers should be close to each other.
3. Eyes should see towards the nose.
4. Recitation of dhikr more than once, as already explained in case of Ruku’.
5. Recitation of salawat after dhikr.
6. After rising from the first sajdah, to say, first takbir and then Astaghfirullah Rabbi wa atubu ilayh. (I seek pardon from Allah, my Lord and I turn towards Him).Then saying takbir again before the 2nd sajdah.
7. To say takbir after rising from second sajdah while sitting.
8. Hands should rest, after rising from every sajdah, on the thighs.
9. Recitation of Bi hawlillahi wa quwatihi aqumu wa aq'ud, during the process of rising for the next rak'at. Remember that it is the only place in the prayer when recitation of a dhikr is prescribed during the motion of the body. All the other Surahs and dhikr must be recited when your body is motionless. (Meaning of this dhikr: Due to the power given by Allah, and because of the strength given from Him, I stand and sit).

Makruhat (disapproved acts) in Sajdah

1. Sitting on heels (for men).
2. Keeping the arms on the ground during sajdah.
3. Recitation of portions from the Qur'an in sajdah.

Sunnat (recommened) differences between sajdah of a man and a woman

1. While bendiing down for sajdah, a man should lower his hands first but a woman should lower her legs first.
2. On arising from sajdah, a man should sit on crossed feet, the back of right foot resting on the sole of the left, both feet turned out towards one side of the body. But a woman should sit on her hams with the soles of the feet resting on the ground.
3. While rising for the next rak'at, a man should keep first his hands on the ground, then rising the legs (before the hands) should stand. A woman should keep her hands on her knees while sitting and should stand up straight from that position.
4. A man, while in sajdah, should keep his arms apart from his body. A woman should keep her arms close to her body.
These five wajib acts (Niyyah, Takbiratul-Ihram, Qiyam, Ruku’ and Sajdah) were rukn. It means that if anyone of them is left out or added in prayer, though by mistake or unintentionally, the prayer is batil (void).