2. The Metaphorical Interpretation of "The Hand (Al-Yad)"

Abu Ja‘far, may Allah have mercy upon him, similarly explains "hand" in the sense of strength, and adduces, to support his view, the verse:

And remember Our servant David, possessed of strength (ayd) [38:17].

And he says: dha'l-ayd, means possessed of strength (quwwah).

ash-Shaykh al-Mufid says: The word yad has another interpretation which denotes grace. The poet says:

He has bestowed favours on me which I do not deny;
For indeed denial of favours is but ingratitude.

So, it is possible that the saying of Allah, the Exalted, Dawuda dha 'l-ayd, means Dawud (David), a bountiful man. Similar, also, is the saying of Allah:

Nay, but both His hands are outspread [5:64].

Here, by "The two hands", are meant the two favours of this life and the life hereafter.