Part 4: A Proposal

Warqa stopped writing and looked at her friend, waiting for more information. However, Dr. Miyad said,

"Now it is your turn to help me."

"I am ready. How?" asked Warqa.

"It is about my brother, Sinad. I am thinking about a wife for him."

"How can I assist you in this matter?"

"Well," said Dr. Miyad, "you know that my brother is very dear to me. He is a good believer and is well mannered. He is loving, compassionate and calm. I want to help him find a good wife, and I have recently found someone."

"Thank God for that," said Warqa.

Dr. Miyad continued, "However, I would like to know whether both sides would be happy with such an agreement. I want to persuade the girl; can you help?"


Dr. Miyad explained, "You persuade her to marry him. She can trust me with regard to his righteousness."

"But who is she?" asked Warqa. "Where can I find her?"

"Can't you guess?" asked the doctor with a smile.

"She is very close to you."

Warqa blushed, cast her glance down and remained silent.

Dr. Miyad continued, "You have guessed. Why don't you answer? Haven't we already agreed to be as sisters? Don't you trust me? Believe me, I care a lot about your future, just as I care for my brother's. I have thought carefully about the matter and I am sure that it is right for both of you. You can ask whoever you like about his character."

Warqa said shyly, "I am sure of your good intentions; I am just taken by surprise, as I never thought about this before. I must speak with my grandmother."

"The important thing is that you are convinced," Dr. Miyad stressed.

Warqa wanted to say, "Yes!", but she thought it would be better to think the matter over. "Please give me some time to think about this," she said.

"Of course, you have the right to think and then decide. But when can I have the answer?"

"Within a few days," said Warqa.

"All right, my dear. I hope your decision is for your own good."

Warqa smiled and said, "1 have never thought about my own affairs. My grandmother has made me depend on her for everything."

Dr. Miyad told her, "You should think for yourself with regard to your future."

"Yes, I will make my own decision. In any case, knowledge is gained through experience."

"That is not always the right criteria," said Dr. Miyad.

"Why not?"

"This is what the experimentalists claim. They don't believe in any fact without experimenting, even though they ignore the fact that their doctrine indicates the possibility of believing in matters without the least experiment."

Surprised, Warqa said, "Please explain more. We have a female lecturer at our school who always insists on this subject."

"I will tell you tomorrow, " Dr. Miyad replied.

"Now it is time for me to check on my patients, so I will see you later."