25. ‘Taqia’ a strong command from the Divine in the Holy Quran:

Again the writer goes astray.

“Why do not you fear them a dread?”

“Lo, he who hates him and his heart is satisfied with belief.”

These are the Verses of the Quran. It pertains to Ammar to conceal his faith. To conceal one’s faith or to hide one’s religion if the conditions demand so; is God’s order. To avoid danger in any respect, either to life, property, reputation, or to personal prestige one should conceal his true belief. Reason and logic says so. To do otherwise is wrong as it is to expose one to danger.

The writer says that the Shia invented Taqia in order to protect themselves against the Sunni who were a majority and also from the rulers who were too Sunni. So under the pretext of Taqia. The writer is short of knowledge in this subject. As we pointed out earlier it is a clear commandment from God. To obey God is not wrong.