29. Saleem relates a news

What is attributed to Saleem does not exist in his (Saleem’s) book. Saleem is reported to have narrated that the Prophet (S) had told Ali Bin Abi Talib that he and twelve ones from his progeny are the rightful and legitimate Imams. The very authentic copies of the book of Saleem Bin Qais mostly possessed by scholars do not have what it is alleged to him. What the book of Saleem Bin Qais carries is the various narration of several sayings of the Prophet (S) all to the effect that the Imams are twelve and their names starting from Ali Bin Abi Talib down to Mahdi are indicated.

This book came into being in the first century of Hijrah and remains till now well credited and well trusted. The names of the twelve Imams were mentioned at a time when they were not yet born. So what is a false accusation or an unfounded allegation merely attributed to Saleem Bin Qais is only a matter of prejudice, to obfuscate the very subject and infuscate the understanding.

It is common practice to fabricate a fiction and then set out in conquest of a writer who may transact this counter note on his credit because of the customers who bank in him their trust. Better than Saleem Bin Qais they could not have found. As his notes are plenty, one counter can easily be mixed therein. If at all it is deducted, a general clamor would stout that it is Saleem’s; since Saleem’s would obtain currency and circulate from hand to hand. Such a fraud is also played with Abi Sahal Noubakhti. This silly trick has persisted deliberately. Writer should have checked them. Translators also proved negligent in this respect.

Anyway, we should pronounce here that such a stratum will not be of benefit to any nor will it serve as a religious cause nor will it advance any religion forward. It would only create a mist on the understanding of readers. The root of belief in a ‘Mahdi’ is also to be found in the Tora and that of the Bible prior to Islam. Any literature that could be traced in the distant past will say something of this kind. This is the pedestal of the Divine Religion.