32. Mahdi the twelfth Imam

The writer in this chapter has written what reflects his prejudice or ignorance. The Imam will appear; the Imam will rescue the world from tyranny; all this imagination is the product of the last decades of Bani Ummayah’s rule. The tyranny of Bani Ummayah’s government invigorated this belief more deep. But in no way did it create this supposition or this fancy as the writer says. It is as old as Islam itself The Prophet (S) himself had disclosed Mahdism and told the people what we now know.

It is a promise given by the prophet (S) and as is known, the Prophet (S) did not utter out of his own desire or lust. It is God’s word and Divine Revelation from which he speaks. So, it is a promise given to us by God through the Prophet (S).

The writer says that the title of Mahdi was given to rescue the Shia from dullness and hopelessness. To inject them with ray of hope or a beam of anticipation towards a better future. As we have repeatedly said it is a reality. The title has nothing to do with the disappointment of a man or a group of men.

The title does not add anything to the personality of the Imam. His responsibility is already foretold by the Prophet (S). The Shia did not invent anything so far as religion is concerned. The title Mahdi is also acknowledged by Sunni scholars. It was heard on the tongue of most well-known Sunni authorities. As such, it seems that it is the writer who is trying to invent something at this stage.