35. Mahdism after the martyrdom of Imam Husayn

The writer concludes that because Mahdi will appear on the day of Ashura he will, therefore, make his headquarters either in Kufa or in Karbala. Also because Mahdi descends from the progeny of the Prophet, his upraising too will be in Kufa and Karbala. However let us stop here and look a little closer into the matter.

First, it is an acknowledged fact that Mahdi hails from the Prophets (S) House because he is the twelfth Imam. But what relation is there with Karbala and Kufa? We cannot limit his range of activity for the whole earth is in his range of activity. All predictions indicate such as we have repeatedly pointed out, the traditions of the Prophet (S). The writer has connected Mahdi’s appearance to the martyrdom of Husayn. He has done this deliberately so as to limit the whole issue and to prove it has a background of revenge.

The writer knows very well that the Imams were all from the House of the Prophet (S), that is, his offspring. So, the twelfth Imam too, Mahdi. Nobody has limited Imamate to the Household of the Prophet (S), it is God’s design, His desire, His deed, and His determination because Imamate is His office and an Imam is His choice as to who to be and from where.

Mahdi hails from the progeny of the Prophet, it is a fulfillment of a condition among the conditions concomitant with the office of Imamate. As such he should be from Ahlul Bait (from the Prophet’s house). This ensures that all his doings and deeds will all be in the line of the Prophet (S) himself.