These are my comments I sent to the reverend scholar Dr. Abdul Aziz Sachedina for his perusal. My intention was to solicit his clarification whatever he might deem necessary in case of my being erroneous in understanding any of the themes on the contents of his book. I even rather went too far to request him to translate himself his comments into English. He favored me with answer:

“I have read your comments about my book. I see it befitting, it is what you have explained and commented in a way of your own view of the universe, should be published either along with the book or into a separate edition. As for its translation into English is concerned I consider it a labor of unbearable endeavor. Hence, I may be excused and my apology be accepted. In the cases at the close of my lecture when your letter and comments reached, we debated there on and indeed benefited from. I pray to Allah, the Merciful, the Just, and the Knower of the intentions hidden in the bosoms to prowling the shadow of your existence and presence on our heads that is a paternal one to me. Please don’t forget me in your prayers.”

I have given the above extract from his letter in order to appreciate the greatness of character and the eximious quality of endurance that is in his bosom; and the generosity of Dr. Sachedina. Secondly, once again I have drawn out of it, the striking-sincerity of his strong faith in Islamic principles and in the guardianship of Infallible Imams, (the Members of the Prophet’s House,) particularly that of Hazrat Mahdi (as) (The twelfth of them).

Thirdly I have to remind that his thesis on the bases of explaining the causes of events due to historical factors as occurrence without taking into consideration of divine view of universe to make familiar that category of people who adopted the above method for analysis, enabling them to analyze faith to mastership (Imamate) and Mahdaviat (Mahdism) with the same Idea, limited cognition which they have had from that Religions and Islamic principles.

Of course we reject the root of this assumption and it’s clear from the explanation that this method of study could neither be generalized to all events and occurrence nor answerable.

The misunderstanding which is comprehend from this hook is that (respected author) has not given importance to such a very basic point cleanly, And this may lead the readers of little information to conclude that the Real and Right Islam which Shia’sm is what this analysis says.

Such misunderstanding will be removed by this explanation as well as makes it clear that this type of analysis is not reliable; (because) subjects such as birth of Faith to God, the unseen world, prophet-hood, the mastership (Imamate) and Mahdaviat (Mahdism) cannot be analyzed by this method.

To look into the causes of events whether historical ones or common ones is a different thing and to impose the analysis into the facts and the cause of the events and to trim a cause to run away from facing the real cause and the reason of the facts is quite a different thing.

So it became clear that in such explanation or index according to Dr. Sachadina we do not have any main dispute.

By the power of Allah and His strength we both are in the line of Islam, following the book and progeny (of Holy Prophet), brother of each other.

We have only tried to clear that this type of writing and introducing Shia does not create misunderstanding for some people The comments shows the weakness, unreliability and unreality of such cognition about Shia the real principles of Islam which comes out form such analysis.

We announce our readiness to answer to any type of question around our comments and explanation and welcome to receive any kind of question and objections.

May peace be upon those who follow the guidance.

Qum, Iran


Thanks to God who bestowed to us the power of thinking and that of distinguishing the right from wrong.

Salutations to the pure soul of the last of the Messengers, Mohammed Bin Abdullah who, through his radiant mission removed the veil of ignorance and darkness from the human eye, and guided his followers to the right path and showed them how to live in the best manner. Blessed be his progeny, the members of his house, Caliphs, and his successors, the twelve Imams, particularly the twelfth one - Imam of the present age, Mahdi, the awaited one, the Redeemer of the Universe, he who will bring the long awaited justice.

This book debates and discusses the contents of the book “Islamic Messiah-ism” written by the respected scholar, Abdul Aziz Sachedina. Although the contents of this book have an immediate bearing on the contents of the previously named book, yet, it stands with an independent entity of its own due to the magnitude of the discussion framed within historical, Islamic and scientific bounds, which is in itself a fascinating factor. Indeed, this book at the same time, helps to complete where that one lurks short, and corrects the image, if obfuscated in the other book.

Matters are so discussed that the reader could grasp the sense without referring to the other book. Whoever walks in the corridors of the edifice of this book will become acquainted with the building of the other one without paying a visit there. Those who adhere to their subject because of their belief, and those who look into this subject because of their curiosity, and those to whom desire of investigation has approximated to this subject would in any case, feel interested in their excursion and their fatigue would be compensated as they relax in its premises.

Indeed, it is my wish from the Almighty to guard the pen either mine or that of others from deviation. May He determine the end, no other than to focus the light upon truth when we comment on other’s writings or express our views about their composition? Not at all is it the desire nor is it ever in design to disparage one’s literary efforts or conceal them or belittle a wit or dig into other’s research in order to point out their mistakes or personal errors. No. Never. May God ward off such malevolence? “There is no success to me except from Allah whom I depend upon and whom I resign to.”