Extract from the Preface to The First Edition

"Sawm" or Fast is the 2nd most important "Ibadat" of Islam (after Salat). This Unit is a collection of my five articles, dealing with various aspects of the month of Ramadhan and Eid-ul-Fitr. Also, some extracts from an article "Fasting" (from Readers'Digest) have been given as Appendix.
I could have divided these articles into various lessons subject-wise. But it was felt that it would lessen the impact of the articles.

Dar es Salaam 6/12/1971
S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

Preface to the Second Edition

The first edition contained no Masail (Rules of Shariat) of fast. In this edition, important and necessary Masael have been added; these Masael are according to the Fatwa of Agha Sayyid Abul- Qasim Al-Khu’i.
If the reader wants more details about any rule, he may contact any religious scholar or write to the Mission.

Dar es Salaam
27th Rajab 1394 16th August 1974
S.S.Akhtar Rizvi