Appendix I: Fast Questions

Answer any five questions:-

1. Why Islam adopted Lunar calendar for fast and pilgrimage?

2. Explain in short the purposes of Eid-ul-Fitr.

3. Explain the Importance and Conditions of Repentance.

4. Give the list of 'Muftirat' (the things which break the fast).

5. Who are the persons exempted from fasting ?

6. What is the Kaffara, if a person does not fast without any lawful reason ?

7. Explain the result of the following actions on fast:

    (a) A person gets into water up to his chest.

    (b) Forgetting that he was fasting, he drank water.

(c) He intentionally, did not do 'Ghusl-e-Janaba up to the time of prayer of 'Subh'