Glimpses of the Journey

The mighty pen of the biographers has spared not a single event of the sacred life of the Prophet. But you will have to admit that the minutest details concerning the passage and halting places through which this caravan passed has been treasured in the annals of history in a unique manner. We get no other example where one solitary occurrence has been described so comprehensively. Nor we can trace any other instance when so many resources have publicized an affair with such prominence and vividity as we witness in respect of this great festival.

It would be no exaggeration if we assert that history has preserved each and every impression of the footprints of this caravan in its pages. It has transmitted the reflections of this memorable event to its readers from various points of views and angles.

The journey from Medina to Mecca was completed in ten days. Its details are that in the early morning of Sunday, the twenty sixth of the month of Zilqa'ad 10 A.H. this caravan reached
Yalamlam. For a short while during the night it stopped for prayers and meals at Sharfus Sayyala.

Morning-prayers was offered at Irquz-Zubya and in the early hours the caravan was at Rauha. Few moments were spent at Munsarif for noon-prayers and at the place of Muta'asha there was a short break of journey for evening prayers and supper. In the dusk of night the Prophet graced the alighting place known as Isaba.

When the golden rays of the sun were emerging from the east the soil of Arj, watching the dust of the caravan, was all welcome for the worthy guest. On Tuesday the Apostle of God entered Lahi Jamal and on Wednesday he got down at Suqya. Most of the night was spent in the way and at dawn he arrived at Abwa. At Abwa the shrine of the Prophet's beloved mother is situated and there the noble son of A'minah offered prayer.

On Friday the caravan was at Johfa and on Saturday it halted at Qudaida. It reached Asfan on Monday and starting hurriedly, from here the members of the caravan stayed at Marruz- Zahran. After a short rest it headed for its next destination, Sarf. The sun has almost set at Sarf but the Holy Prophet did not offer evening prayers here. He rather preferred to cover a sufficient distance and perform prayers near the hillocks of Mecca. Satisfied with the safe conclusion of his journey he comfortably passed the whole night at his last destination.

It was Wednesday when the Messenger of God joyfully entered the sacred city of Mecca. He went round the House of God and thereafter became completely engrossed in prayers. In the meantime, Ali bin Abi Talib also arrived. After performing the rites of pilgrimage the last Apostle of God bid good-bye to the House of God and left the sacred soil.