The Desired Destination

More than 100,000 travellers were accompanying him when the Holy Prophet started from Medina. By the time of the return journey this number had increased not by hundreds but by thousands. It was the forenoon of Thursday, the eighteenth of the month of Zilhaj 10 A. H. (21st March 633 A.D.) when this caravan reached Johfa with great dignity and grandeur.

The town of Johfa is situated at a distance of 13 miles from Mecca. This is the junction from where routes for Medina, Egypt, Syria and Iraq radiate in different directions. On its border is a pond. In Arabic the synonym of the word pond or watering place is `Ghadir'. Because of its location the terminology of Hadith (tradition) and History refer to it as ` Khumm'.

The appreciation of this particular event that took place at `Ghadir Khum' is difficult. Its eminence and importance cannot be fully conceived. Every aspect of this epoch making incident achieved eternal fame and glory. On the edge of this inspiring and exhilarating watering place arrangements for the preservation of the Message of God were completed. It is a place scented with the spiritual fragrance, which presents an ever-blooming atmosphere of piety.

The good news guaranteeing protection of the Islamic civilization, a refined order of justice and the glorious devotions of the Holy Prophet flashed from there. This was the same place where the sincere and long awaited desires of the Apostle of God were fulfilled.