Mission’s of the Prophets: Justice


Who was Prophet Muhammad? And what was his mission?

      For us Muslims, Prophet Muhammad is the last in the series of 124,000 prophets whom God sent for guidance of human society.
      Almighty God says in the Qur’ãn,
“Certainly We have sent Our messengers with clear guidance; and We sent down to them the Book and the scale so that humans may conduct themselves with justice.” (Surah al-Hadid, 57:25)
 All great prophets of God –Adam to Noah, Abraham to Moses, Jesus to Muhammad– came to establish justice in society.
All humans wish for peace in this world. But peace cannot be achieved in vacuum. It is inter-twined with justice. To have peace, justice must become the foundation of our social system; otherwise, we cannot achieve a durable peace.

What is Justice?

Justice means putting everything in its rightful place; it means balancing things in the proper order; it means creating harmony. If one starts putting things in the wrong places, then he disrupts the social harmony and disturbs peace.