Peace on Personal Level

Peace in society depends on peace within ourselves. According to Prophet Muhammad: we must foster the sense of justice within ourselves by creating harmony between our emotions of anger and greed on one the hand, and our reason and intellect on the other hand; between the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension.
A just person is one who controls his anger and his greed by the power of reasoning. This act of controlling one’s anger and greed by the power of reason has been described by Prophet Muhammad as “the major jihãd”.
Once, when the Muslim army returned to Medina from its mission, the Prophet greeted the soldiers by saying, “Welcome to the people who have performed the minor jihãd, and have yet to go through a major jihãd.”
The soldiers asked, “O Prophet of God! What is the major jihãd?”
Prophet Muhammad replied, “The spiritual jihãd.”
The spiritual jihãd is not an easy jihãd. You have to gain control over your strongest emotions, and live according to the voice of reason and conscience. Only those who can conquer their egos can truly establish peace in society.