Ladies and Gentlemen, the essence of a meaningful dialogue between civilizations is to find ways and means to bring the religious communities to practice the ideals preached by the great Prophets of God.
We have to challenge the extremists on both sides:
1.      to the Bin Ladens who hurt and kill innocent civilians while the Prophet Muhammad taught compassion and kindness even to animals and plants;
2.      to the fundamentalist Christians of southern US who formulated a ‘just war’ argument soon after 9/11 and back the US war on theological grounds while Jesus taught compassion and forgiveness by saying whoever smites you on your one cheek, ‘turn the other too.’
The solution to contemporary problems is not less religion, the solution is more religion in order to bring the ideal preached and the practice implemented to one another. The Muslims should get closer to the example of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and the Christians should get closer to the example of Prophet Jesus (a.s.)—only then we will have a durable peace on the globe.
I end with the famous prayer taught to us by the Family of the Prophet:

O Allah, You are the peace, from You emanates the peace and to You shall the peace return.”