Chart of Qaza & Fidya & Kaffara

Fidya (compensation): 750 grams rice or flour per day for the poor. It is better to give 1.5 kg.

Kaffarah (fine): 750gr. rice or flour for 60 poor people per day. That makes it 45kg per day. Note: Fidya and kaffarah has to be paid to the poor and needy in kind, not cash.

* “Hadd-e tarakkhus” means the distance from which a person is considered a traveler: in a one way journey, it would be at 44 km from the city and in case of a round trip, it would be at 22 km from the city.

(Toronto & its suburbs constitute a single mega city from Ajax in the east, Milton in the west, Lake Ontario in the south and Aurora in the north.)

** “Negligence” means knowingly not fulfilling the obligation. However, if the fasts were missed in early years of bulugh because of ignorance, then the person is exempted from kaffarah but he/she still has to do the qaza.