54. Why do some continue to disbelief despite having witnessed the Miracles and Perfection of the prophets?

Denial of Divine Prophets can sometimes be due to imitation of forefathers, sometimes due to the desire to protect self-interests and sometimes due to self-conceit and bigotry.

If the lights in the darkness of the night are all switched off, the shinning of the stars can be seen on a clear night. But if the lights are switch on, many of the stars’ lights can no longer be seen. Likewise, someone who is self-centred and narcissistic is incapable of being able to see the perfection of others.

A person travelling on horseback came across a shallow river. The river was more like a thin stream of water, shallow enough for the horse to easily cross it. Yet the horse stopped and refused to cross. The horse rider tugged and kicked the horse to move forward, slapping him on the back, but the horse refused to budge. A wise man saw the scene and said to the horse rider to dirty the water with some of the soil nearby. After which, the horse comfortably crossed the river without any reservation.

When the horse back rider asked what was the wisdom behind the advice, the wise man said that when the water was clean the horse was able to see his own reflection, and would never allow itself to step on its own reflection.

Likewise, people who see themselves (through attention to their own rank, interests, family, party etc.) are not prepared to step on themselves, and so would never progress or reach perfection.