56. With regards to the different approaches of the Divinely Guided Imams, are their differences in their respective goals?

The basis and goals of all the Divinely Guided Imams are consistent and constant, but their methods may have differed. Sometimes their actions show differences, however their goal is one. For example, the two blades of a pair of scissors move opposite to each other yet the goal is one – to cut (through the material in between the two blades).

Sometimes the movements on the sports fields of competing teams and their methods of training are different, but the aim of all of them is one – to be the winning side.

Yes, the aim of all the Divinely Guided Imams is for the perfect evolution of mankind (the Heart and Mind of mankind) without pest (or disease in the Heart or Soul); however, this deliverance of the message is at times with their movements towards the battlefields of war and at times in the participation of classes and teachings and sometimes by migration, while other times it is silence…