59. What is the philosophy behind bitter and horrific events of our life?

Horrific and bitter events that occur in our life come under two kinds: Those that are a result of our own actions, and those that are beyond our control.

Many terrible events occur because of our own lack of attention to detail and mismanagement. If during a transaction, we fail to maintain documentation and the other party, for example, fails to deliver on the money, that is our own fault.

If we don’t build a safety fence around a swimming pool and a child drowns in it, that’s our own fault.

If we don’t practice good hygiene, obey road laws and practice social etiquettes, it’s our fault if we fall ill, have car accidents or are humiliated in society.

As for the second type, under the shadow of hardship is the opportunity to struggle, advance, develop and grow and overcome the difficulty of life.

Hardships in life can be the atonement of our slip ups, and the reason for better regulation of people’s spirits.

The Prophet SAWA said

لَولا ثلاثة في ابن آدم ما طأطأ رأسه شئ: المرض، والموت، والفقر

“If it were not for three things befalling the son of Adam, illness, death, and poverty, his arrogance would not have been suppressed.”1

The occurrences of hardships flourish the ability to perfect oneself. One who is being tested with a calamity can, with patience and endurance, grow and develop and those who are at ease who struggle to save others from hardship, through dedication and sacrifice can reach growth and development.

  • 1. Bihar Al Anwar V69 P53