66. Why is the inheritance of women half that of men?

The wage of a daily locum is more than that of a permanent worker. This is not because the locum is of more value than a permanent staff member, but rather, permanent staff have other rights which the locum would net get such as insurance, retirement rights, superannuation, sick and annual leave, training, family leave, level of difficulty of work and other entitlements added to their hourly wage. So when one factors all these in to the wage, in fact the wage of the permanent worker is more than that of the locum.

In Islam, yes, the inheritance of women is half that of men however, in return the obligations of daily expenditure is not upon the shoulders of women, rather, daily expenditure of living such as food, clothing, shelter, health and others are upon secured upon the shoulders of the man. Women have complete rights over their own inheritance and can keep all of it to herself, while her entire living expenses are obtained from the husband. On top of that, the dowry is also paid by the husband. So when one takes those factors in to consideration, the overall share or portion of women is in fact greater than that of men.