67. Why are women unable to be judges?

God has created women for the upbringing of a generation and this upbringing needs to be full of kindness, compassion and tenderness which is found at the hands of women. These feelings and emotions puts judgements in jeopardy, because a judge facing one who has committed a crime, must not be affected by tears, whinging, lies and threats of a criminal wishing to escape judgement, and If not dealt with strictness and strength, soft feelings may be affected and hurt to a point where the rights of others may be compromised.

It may be said that there are some men that are emotional and that there are women that have strength and strictness, but rulings are based on general principles rather than unique cases.

In addition, it is not so that a right has been taken away from women, rather, it is a burden and weight off the shoulders of women and should not be considered as a privilege for men.