77. What is the meaning of worship? Is it only praying and fasting?

Whatever is done with the intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT is considered worship, no matter how routine and normal that action may be.

An earring that we buy as a gift for our daughter, if done with the intention to encourage good deeds, is worship, but if not, is simply an act of affection.

The work of a scholar researching in a library, with the aim of earning an income and receiving accolades, materials and creature comforts, has a tinge of materialism on it and the cook that prepares food for the scholar, thinking that the scholar is doing work for the sake of God, the work of that cook is worship.

So it is possible for an individual to reach heaven through means of lentils, peas and vegetables while one with a library, with all its books and knowledge, can reach other places.