90. Which actions will actually be accepted by God?

Actions that have both the correct goal and the method of achieving that goal! Sometimes the goal is correct but the method used to achieve the goal is not correct, like going to hajj using a stolen vehicle or writing with black coal on a nice clean white wall “please help keep area clean”.

Other times the method is correct but the goal is corrupt. Consider the “Khawarij” group that stood against Imam Ali AS and rose with the slogan “لا حكم الّا لله” which means Only God and His Book Commands. Imam Ali AS stated:

كلمة حقّ يُراد بها الباطل133

Which means while their slogan is the good and stands with the truth their destination, with their slogan, is corrupted and stands in opposition to the Truth.

Likewise, the army of Muawiyah (may he be cursed) during the Siffin war with Imam Ali AS put pages of the Holy Qur’an on top of their spears and stated we are the followers of the Qur’an, however they were opposed and in fact were in conflict with the instructions of the “Talking Walking Qur’an”, a title given to Imam Ali AS himself.

While we ponder over the Qur’an during the nights of Power1, our behaviours must also not be in conflict with the Holy Qur’an. We must seek asylum in and submit completely to the Qur’an. If the Holy Qur’an states that “Riba (usury)” is forbidden, what is the point of submission if our bellies are full of wealth accumulated through Riba? If we are afflicted with an illness and the doctor prescribes a medicine, what is the point of the prescription if we do not have it dispensed at the pharmacy and take it as prescribed?