Publishers Foreword

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

The famous Islamic writer, the great scholar, the late Shaikh Murtadha Mutahhari, may Allah bestow His mercy on him, was one of the most celebrated authors in Iran, who had the ability to put forward in the clearest way Islamic ideas pertaining to principles and law. Allah gave him both the power to think originally and the ability to explain his thoughts in an immediately understandable way in every subject he tackled, he was able to cover it comprehensively from all aspects; and those powers enabled him to reach his great position among Islamic writers in Iran. The extent of the loss to Muslims on his death is to the same degree as the benefit to them of his writings, all of which are at a high level of originality.

It is a great pity that readers who are not acquainted with the Persian language are prevented from a direct contact with the works of Allamah Mutahhari, so our Organization has decided to endeavor to the best of their ability to translate and publish them. There is no strength and power except with Allah. We have previously published the translation of Wilayah, The Station Of The Master and now we are presenting the second of his books to be translated Nidam-e-huquq-e- zan dar Islam (The rights of Women in Islam), praise be to Allah.

For the information of our reader this book was first of all given to a translator abroad and then this translation was examined by someone who has a first- hand knowledge of both the English language and literature and who was fortunately acquainted with Persiàn, who went through every page correcting it and making necessary addition and footnotes. In some places where the first translator had not understood the text, the translation was done again from the original.

We can thus say with praise to Allah, that we have spared no effort in the translation of this work. We can only pray to Allah that He make this translation as beneficial to the readers as He has made the original. We beseech Allah to inspire us with goodness and guidance to keep us away from error and fault. For He is the best guide, the best helper.

World Organization For Islamic Services
(Board of writing, Translation and Publication)
29/8/1400 AH
12/7/1980 AD
Tehran — Iran