Section Fourteen

The traditions that mention he is from the descendants of (Imam) Ja`far b. Muḥammad al-Ṣādiq, peace be on him

Comprised of 120 traditions

546. Kashf al-Ghumma1: Ibn al-Khashshāb, may Allah have mercy on him, from Abū l-Qāsim Ṭāhir b. Hārūn b. Mūsā al-`Alawī, from his father Hārūn, from his father Mūsā, who said:

My master (Imam) Ja`far b. Muḥammad said, “The righteous successor (al-khalaf al-ṣāliḥ) from my descendants is the Mahdī. His name is Muḥammad and his epithet is Abū l-Qāsim. He will emerge in the end of times and his mother will be called Ṣaqīl . . . He will have two names: Khalaf and Muḥammad. He will emerge in the end of times. There will be a cloud above his head which will shade him from the sun and will follow him wherever he goes. It will call out in a fluent voice, ‘This is the Mahdī.’”

The traditions with the following numbers also show the aforementioned concept: 235, 242–308, 550, 551, 554–571, 608, 612, 641, 770, 786–807, 859, 973, 974, 1216, and 1230

  • 1. Kashf al-ghumma, vol. 2, p. 475, citing al-Tārīkh of ibn al-Khashshāb. Apparently, it is the book he (authored) about the births and biographies of the Imams. His saying, “He will have two names . . .” is probably a complement to this tradition. It is also probable that they are ibn al-Khashshāb’s words which he has derived from hadith books; Yanābī`’ al-mawadda, chap. 94, p. 491.