Section Sixteen

The traditions that indicate he is from the descendants (ṣulb) of Imam Abū Ibrāhīm Mūsā b. Ja`far, peace be on him

Comprised of 121 traditions

548. Ghaybat al-Shaykh1: Imam Abū `Abd-Allah al-Ṣādiq, peace be on him, said in a lengthy tradition:

Our master (ṣāḥib) who is from the descendants (ṣulb) of this boy—and he pointed towards Mūsā b. Ja`far, peace be on them both—will appear and will fill [the earth] with justice just as it will be filled with injustice and unfairness. He will take over the world.

The traditions with the following numbers also show the aforementioned concept: 113, 242–308, 550–571, 608, 612, 641, 770, 786–807, 859, 973, 1216, and 1230.

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