The Companions and the Jewish Influence Part 3

Kaab During The Reign Of Uthman

The influence of Kaab continued to grow after the death of Umar. During the reign of the Third Caliph, Kaab was able to give verdicts in Islamic affairs. The Calpih “often “agreed with him, and no one among the attendants of the Caliph’s meetings would oppose him, except for people like Abu Dharr who became so furious one time upon hearing Kaab’s verdicts in Islam that he hit him with his rod saying Son of a Jewsih lady, are you trying to teach us our religion ?

To secure for himself a bigger influence and a better future after the death of the Uthman, Kaab tried to please Muawiyah by predicting his future arrival at the helm of the Islamic Rule. Caliph Uthman was returning from his pilgrimage accompanied by Muawiyah and the caravan driver sang a song in which he predicted that ‘Ali would be successor of Uthman. Kaab belied the singer saying:

By God, you “lie “. The ruler after Uthman will be the rider of the blond mule.

Here Kaab was refering to Muawiyah, and he falsely attributed this information to the Old Testament! Muawiyah had also “ordered “Kaab to narrate to the people of Damascus anything that puts Damascus and its people above other provinces.

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On Other Incidents

Ahmed reported that Jabir Ibn Abdullah reported that Umar came to the Prophet (Peace be Upon him and his Cleansed and Pure progeny) with a book which he obtained from some followers of the scripture. He read it infront of the Prophet (Peace be Upon him and his Cleansed and Pure progeny).

The Prophet (saw) became furious and said:

Son of al-Khattab, by the One in Whose hand is my soul, if Moses were alive, he would have to follow me.

Al Bukhari reports that Ibn Abbas said:

How do you ask the people of the scriptures about anything while your book, which was revealed by Allah to His Messenger (Muhammad) is the newest Book ? You read it pure without any interpolation by any non Qur’anic words. The Qur’an has informed you that people of the scripture tampered with and changed their book.

On the contrary other Companions, like Abu Huraira and Abdullah Ibn Amr Al-Aas reported that the Messenger of God said:

Take from the Israelites, and you will “not “be commiting a sin.

Also al-Bukhari mentioned:

Sahih a-Bukhari Hadith: 4.667

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr al-Aas:

The Prophet said, "Convey to the people even if it were a single sentence, and tell others the stories of Bani Israel, for it is not sinful to do so.

It is worthy to note that Abu Huraira and Abdullah were both “students “of Kaab. It is also reported that Abdullah Ibn Amr al-Aas acquired two (2) camels loaded with books of people of the “scriptures “and used to give information to Muslims from these “books “.

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, who is the foremost “authority “on the Hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari, said:

Because of this (as mentioned above) many prominent scholars among the students of the companions of the Prophet (saw) “avoided “taking information from Abdullah Ibn Amr al-Aas.

Sunni reference:
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