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The main reason is that it was not mandated by the Prophet; in fact, he prayed with his wife and daughter there.

Also, (a) because to do tawaf you have to go all the way around the Ka'bah, and that is difficult to do with segregation, similarly it might be challenging to arrange gender segregation for sa'i between Safa and Marwah, and (b) perhaps it could cause hardship for people travelling together. 

While it is true that there are some people with sick minds who misuse the arrangement there, by and large, I think most Muslims behave themselves properly there and respect the sanctity of the place, and the rules of ihraam (forbidding certain things between genders) also provide extra incentive to behave correctly, even if they may run into each other by accident.

That being said, wearing an extra outer garment can help provide more personal space without inconveniencing others.

Woman is granted the high human dignity just like man or even more if her piousness is more than him. There is no question of restriction which disturb her life, but discipline which keeps her safe and respected and keeps the man safe and pious. The Islamic life aims to keep the female as respected and honored as the noble man.


Glancing at other gender usually has a reason. If it involves lust, it will be definitely  Haraam ( forbidden).

If glancing is for other reason which is completely away from desire, it should be avoided as much as possible.


  1. All rules in Islam are based on the benefit of human beings and avoiding them any type of harm.
  2. Watching opposite gender should not be a cause of harm under any circumstance.
  3. Men playing football or women playing any sport are been done with dress which is not necessarily according to Hijab rules, that is why watching opposite gender playing should be avoided especially when there is a possibility of harm. If all conditions of Hijab are fulfilled and there is no possibility of any harm, then it will be allowed.